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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clean the carpet

Almost every modern person in the apartment there is a carpet. This detail gives warmth and comfort of the room. And like any other thing, carpet requires care. In addition, the cleanliness of the carpet depends not only the beauty of the interior, but also the health of You and Your family. After all the dust that accumulates in the pile of the carpet, it can lead to various diseases, for example - to allergies. That is why the carpets necessarily need to be cleaned. But the question is how and what you can clean a carpet, in order to achieve the best result and not to spoil it? Let us consider a few of the most effective ways.

Of course, the easiest way to clean the carpet is a clean dry vacuum cleaner. But, unfortunately, matter how diligently You don't vacuumed the one on your carpet, this method does not provide the desired purity. Yes and in the presence of stains on the carpet cleaning dry vacuum cleaner does not help in the struggle with them. Therefore, in order to good clean the carpet, it requires more effective methods.

Some good, though not very simple ways, each of us can learn порасспросив their grandmothers. For example, the carpet
can be cleaned of snow, salt, vinegar, sawdust with gasoline or tea brewing. But because the yard of 21, and is unlikely to modern hostess can afford to spend the whole day cleaning the salt out of the carpet or проветривая the smell of petrol from the apartment.

The most effective modern way to clean the carpet is wet cleaning. It is divided into 3 ways: cleaning of the carpet in the professional cleaning companies and cleaning of the carpet with detergent vacuum cleaner and cleaning of the carpet manually.

With cleaning the carpet in a cleaning company everything is simple and clear. You call in the selected firm to see You, come, take away the filthy carpet and some time later bring him back clean. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a pleasure. Therefore it is necessary to understand, how to clean a carpet in your home.

Washing vacuum cleaner greatly facilitated the task of cleaning carpets. But he is not at all. Precisely because of this, some still have to clean a carpet manually. However, thanks to a wide selection of special cleaners, and manual cleaning ceased to be too time-consuming and occupy a lot of time.

The modern market offers countless number of different means for cleaning of carpets. Basically, means for cleaning of carpets are divided into 3 types: means for cleaning of carpets washing vacuum cleaner (usually sold together with a vacuum cleaner), means for cleaning of carpets by hand and tools that you can use for cleaning and vacuuming, and manually.

Of course, quite naturally, a question arises, not is it dangerous to chemical cleaners to health, can I use them in the presence of domestic animals and children? Modern cleaning products are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, moreover, they not only clean the carpet, but also care for him. Let us consider some of the different companies, presented on our shelves.

For carpet cleaning manually perfect Russian means Vanish (Vanish). It cleans, refreshes and protects the carpet. Using this tool can in no way harm or Your four-legged Pets or small озорникам, because it has been tested on hypoallergenic.

Another Russian company offers an excellent means of Cinderella. It's wonderful cleans carpet and profitable price differs from the Western analogues.

The German firm Karcher (Karcher) provides a large selection of different detergents for carpets as for manual cleaning, as well as for cleaning a washing vacuum cleaner. Their funds distinguishes the absence of toxic components in the composition. All funds of the company form on the carpets and carpeting dirtrepellent protective layer, which prevents the re-contamination.

The list of various detergents can be continued infinitely. And nobody, except You, will not be able to determine which tool is best suited for Your carpet. And in order to facilitate the choice, before you wash the carpet, definitely have to look at the label. It contains basic information and tips on care of the carpet....


  1. Washing a carpet has never been easier!! We just make it a family sport. The kids all get to were Cleaning Gloves and scrub brushes and the fun starts. I usually buy them at but i'm sure there are plenty of places to get them.

  2. There are lots of ways to clean your home carpet and rugs. But before you put your DIY skills into action, it would be best to identify what your carpet is made of. Each material needs a specific cleaning agent that would present the best cleaning without ruining your carpet. Make sure that you determine your carpet’s material, and choose the best cleaning solution for it.
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