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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful posture of the child depends on the furniture

Room schoolboy - a special world. It «turns» and in the living room for reception of friends, and in the bedroom, and most importantly, in the office.
In many respects from what kind of furniture you choose for school children, will depend on the health of the child - his vision, posture, and the condition of the spine. How to make a working place of a small student as comfortable as possible and not harmful to health? The main criterion of selection of ergonomic furniture - the convenience of its use. The child should maintain the correct posture without reminders. For this it is important to choose for him ergonomic chair and a table, and then properly configure them.

For many parents, this will be a revelation, but the horizontal Desk is the first enemy of the posture of the child. Table for writing, reading, drawing should be italic, better adjustment of the angle in the range of 10-20 degrees. The width of enough 60-75 cm for letters plus side, a shelf for books. Such a regiment there are some models of the tables of firms-manufacturers of Demi, Kettler, Либао. It is not recommended to buy a «long» table, which has the whole surface of the bends. It is very important that the table corresponded to the growth of the child not only at the time of purchase, but also in the future. Therefore, choose Desk with adjustable for height and angle, with the convenient continuously adjustable, than speed. This option is the partner of the German company VS International, these desks are reliable and safe.

When you select a chair for the student it is worth considering a few factors. If the child has a good posture, get him a chair without a back. On this chair, which can be in the form of a saddle or «грибочка» in the spring, it is very convenient to keep your back straight, without reliance on the back. And if the seat in the spring, you can wiggle to the left, right, up and down. Landing on such chairs resembles the position of the rider. Successful seats without backrests produce Finnish company Salli, as well as the German firm Aeris, the manufacturer of the famous «свопперов» (Swopper). If all the same posture of the child is not irreproachable, then choose the ergonomic seat with backrest. It must provide a convenient lumbar support - bending of the back, forward at the level of the waist, and have the setting of the backrest at a height.

It is desirable to move the seatback forward and back. For example, convenient lumbar support is available from the chairs Berry firm Kettler. The seat should have a surface to the pelvis not slipped forward. Necessary adjustment of seat height from the floor, better smooth, with the help of gas lift supply. Great, if the seat is equipped with the mechanism of the swing. Successfully combines a good form of seat and back with the presence of the mechanism of the oscillate in two directions in chairs VS International. Furniture for a child is better to buy together with him, and a table and a chair is desirable to choose at the same time. In any case, choose furniture for the workplace better in specialized salons of ergonomics, where customers are offered is not a complete line of models of the same manufacturer, and a large selection of the most «correct» models of different firms. In addition, the consultants will be able to more qualified to help with the choice for a particular child.

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  1. I agree with you having the perfect study table and back support chair for children is must.