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Saturday, March 12, 2011

20 tips: how to avoid jealousy between the children

One child in the family - is a joy. And when the two of them - happiness in the square. But to achieve this state and absence of jealousy of an older child to younger parents need to show the wonders of diplomacy. And to make it easier to prepare the first-born to the emergence of another baby, we have prepared advice, combining the experience of those already in practice, has experienced a double joy of motherhood.

* Do not tell the older child, by having a brother or sister immediately after confirmation of pregnancy. In your appearance as yet nothing has changed. But when the figure will give a growing belly, it's time to prepare the ground for confidential conversations.
* If you have previously asked you your firstborn of the brother or sister, can you tell me what his wish is coming true.
* However, there are children who can pee the parents the news that changed their minds and do not want more children in the family. At such a categorical statement should not be offended, because in most cases is to protect their own dominant position pet. From a child to talk heart to heart, to understand why he's against.
* Nega pass, because children change their minds very quickly. And you have to start telling the first-born as the unborn child is growing in mom's tummy. Show the appropriate pictures from magazines, pictures of ultrasound, if possible, provide an opportunity to hear the heartbeat of the future of the crumbs. Do not forget to specify that this is growing up and the child. In view of the natural curiosity of the baby will be interested - and what's next. 

    * And then try to teach a child to be more independent. Praise him for his self-assembled toys properly tie your shoe without being eaten breakfast. This will help at that stage, when there was a form of future mothers will not allow her to be a mobile as before.
* If you keep things and clothes of an older child, you will begin to prepare a dowry for the second time the kid. Laundry and ironing raspashonok-diaper unite you with my firstborn. It will be interesting to sort out those things in which he slept and played. Help your child feel that he has already begun to worry about the future of crumbs to help you in training camp.
* Explain the first-born, that baby, who will soon arrive from the hospital, did not immediately get to play. For a while he would just lie in bed. But when older, the older child will be able to teach the brother or sister to all that already knows how to self: talk, smile and play.
* Postnatal almost always causes depression. A young mother will be doubly difficult, but try not to disrupt his irritation at the older child. He will be spinning there, ask to play with him at the moment when the newborn sleeps or eats. Politely explain that at this moment you can not make a company of the firstborn, and do it later. Tactfully than you will behave, the less will be jealous of the older to the younger child.
* If the first-born is already big enough to carry some of what your homework, you can ask him to help in business. For example, removing laundry from the washing machine, feed the pet if you have it, water the flowers. Remember to always praise your little helper.
* In the whirlwind of care for a newborn, remember that the firstborn is also needed attention. Make your daily schedule so that, together with an older child to read a fairy tale, pick cartoon to watch, feed him not in a hurry, but qualitatively, and put to bed at night.
* Do not be angry if the eldest child of spoils everything that you entrust to him. Washed dropped pacifier or rattle lost? Whatever would throw out the anger, do not do it. Remember, every action causes a reaction. And the next time the eldest child has special will drop, lose or spoil things baby. Just ask him to be careful and attentive. Motivated by the fact that you are tired, and quality care little man you would be very helpful. This raises the self esteem of your older child.
* If you are walking together, Diversify simple skating wheelchair. Tell firstborn special day fairy tale, which will differ from a bedtime story. For example, let it be adventure gnomes, hobbits and those characters are very much like a child. Thus, it will wait for each walk, because there will hear the continuation of a fairy tale. 

    * Do not separate the children in terms of gifts. If you buy new clothes for the youngest child, will please new clothes and a senior. Remember, all two: fruit, toys and sweets.
* Mom for each child must be time to sit quietly and talk. It is very important, otherwise the trust will be lost.
* If the eldest child suddenly starts behaving like a little: To be rocking the night, water clothes, then he loses the confidence that his parents love him. Do not scold the firstborn, and pay him more attention. Problem quiet sleep and described clothes disappear.
* Indicates an older child that the baby loves it. For example, if a pipsqueak smiles or laughs, saying that everything is for the firstborn.
* Consult with an older child at the youngest: what better to dress, what a hat to choose which way to go for a walk? Offers two options to choose from and listen to the views expressed.
* When you are busy with the crumbs, ask dad to spend more time with an older child. And vice versa. Firstborn should not be left alone, when both parents revolve around their second child.
* Senior child should not become a nurse. Did not take away his childhood, let the kid play with his toys, but not always entertaining little brother or sister.
* To inspire the children in your family do not have pets. Both parents are equally fond of the older child and younger. This will help them in future to live without jealousy towards each other. 

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