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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's good for the kidneys

Kidney health is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the whole organism, since they are responsible for excretion of metabolic products, toxins, excess salt and water. The kidneys regulate blood composition and are responsible for regular cleaning of the body from foreign substances.

To prevent health problems, it is important to know what good for the kidneys. Concern about the health of the kidneys to help prevent serious diseases, stimulates excretion of harmful substances and prolong the physical and intellectual young man.
Useful food for kidney
As a rule, a strict diet is indicated for existing kidney disease. As the same prevention impose restrictions on alcoholic beverages, hot and spicy dishes, coffee and chocolate. When nephrotic syndrome glomerunefrite, kidney failure, it is necessary to limit the intake of protein, allowed the same amount of protein should be replenished at the expense of fish, lean meats and poultry and eggs. Way of cooking to give preference to cooking or baking foods. Nutrition in diseases of the kidney should be fractional and nutritious.
Mandatory condition of useful food for the kidneys is to limit salt. If the problems with the kidneys, is added and high blood pressure, salt-free diet should be. For kidney helpful eating vegetarian soups, dishes based on cereals, potatoes and pasta. You can use butter and vegetable oil, fruit drinks, jelly, fruits and vegetables. But dairy products can be found only in recommended quantities.
Juices for Kidney Health 

To maintain and normalization of kidney function, we can arrange a course of so-called juice therapy. The most effective is the use of carrot, lemon juice, and made from herbs and roots, parsley, parsnip and celery. Juices can be taken separately and to mix. The main thing - it's that juices are freshly prepared. Choice of juice, it is necessary daily amount and duration of juices should appoint a doctor.
Juice from the greens and roots of parsley fine displays of salt from the body, helps normalize kidney, adrenal and thyroid glands, strengthen capillaries, in clinical trials have shown that when using the juice of parsley is increased tone of smooth muscles of the uterus, bowel, bladder, increases bile secretion and much more.
Pasternak is used to prevent angina attacks in coronary insufficiency and cardiac neurosis, accompanied by coronary spasm, and spastic phenomena, kidney and gastrointestinal diseases.
Juice consumption rate is adjusted depending on a person's age. For middle-aged man and an average body mass is desirable to drink 200 grams of fresh juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Perhaps consumption and 2, and 3 times a day, which is regulated individually.


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