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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beetroot - useful properties

Did you know that beet juice can help to deal with dangerous diseases. Thanks to the useful properties of beet treat a sore throat and other throat diseases ... Only the juice before drinking, it is necessary to defend.

Also, the use of beet juice enhances endurance of the human body and can increase the overall activity by 16%, British scientists have found. Beet juice is much more useful than, say, black currant juice.
The researchers found that nitrate contained in the roots, reduces the absorption of oxygen, which leads to a decrease in fatigue. Accordingly, using the juice, the athletes will be able to achieve much greater results than previously.
The researchers monitored the status of the eight men 19-38 years, who daily consumed 500 milliliters of freshly squeezed beetroot juice a day.

The experiment lasted six days, during which subjects were asked to perform physical exercises, including the ride on a stationary bike. In comparison, for another six days, during which also continued his studies, men were given the juice of black currant, reports the BBC.
At the end of the experiment, scientists discovered that, using beet juice, the subjects were able to go to 11.25 minutes and 92 seconds longer than when using currant juice. In addition, beet juice lowers blood pressure.
"We were amazed at the influence of sugar beet on the uptake of oxygen, because this effect could not be achieved by any known means," - says Professor Andy Jones. Researchers hope their discovery will help people suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, to cope with metabolic disorders. And all this thanks to useful properties of beets.
So eat beets and stay healthy.

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