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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why buy a table for a laptop?

Without unnecessary preliminaries just want to briefly answer the basic question - what do you want tables for laptop?

The first point - they create the right working conditions for the laptop. For example, for a full-fledged laptop cooling should be on a level surface and be available for air flow. If your laptop is lying on a blanket, pillow or tablecloth is on the difficult access of cold air and warm air outlet of the CPU, GPU, hard drive and other highly heat-generating components of the notebook.

Lying on a soft surface of the notebook starts to suck in dust which settles on the ventilation grates and internal. In this case, in an attempt to cope with the approaching overheating rising rotation speed fan (fan) laptop, which leads to emergency breakdown of both the cooler and the laptop.
According to statistics from overheating - the main reason for the laptop out of the building and its small life - it is better to not save.

In the model table BookDesk is ribbed surface countertops, and BookDesk 2 and BookDesk Lux generally equipped with a special low-noise large cooler and additional holes in the countertop - a laptop is the best operating conditions.
Secondly - the mouse. I like love to work with a laptop on a couch or even reclining in bed. But I, for example, used to the mouse and track pad I was in no way satisfied - probably affects design history. So for me to use a mouse - a necessity, and the first advantage of the special tables - the presence of the surface of a mouse with a special cover-pad. In BookDesk 2 of their 2 - left and right, and right-handers and left-handers.
Third, the folding legs allow you to use these tables in the form of desktop cooling stand, as nakrovatnogo table and as a bedside table. Height is fully decomposed leg - from 39.5 cm in BookDesk and BookDesk Lux, up to 48 cm in BookDesk 2 and 56 cm in the Compact Table Pro.

Fourthly, a comfortable fit. All models have sloping tops of tables with different angles, so that you can install an angle of a laptop that will not get tired neck and posture will be useful for the back. The notebook will be positioned at an angle to the horizontal.
Finally, various additional amenities.For more usb ports
For example, BookDesk has 4 additional usb ports - very handy, because on my MacBook is only 2 usb ports, but I have always vrublen external hard drive and a mouse, have yet to charge the cell phone and use flash often.
In BookDesk 2 total an additional usb port - a change that will be used for cooling.
In BookDesk Lux no additional usb ports - apparently the producers think it's too much, just gave up a hub in the later models - it is not clear.
Illumination is at the models and BookDesk BookDesk Lux.

And in the first model, it works both on the usb, and battery-powered - 3 AAA. So what can it be used not only to illuminate the keyboard, but for nighttime reading in bed. Highlighting BookDesk Lux feeds only on usb.
Coin - flash drives, cables, etc.
All models under the table tops have an additional office for details.
In general, I think, tables, coasters have every right to exist.
Besides the weight they have in the range of 2-3 kg, you can if you wish to bring to the country for example.

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