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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Save to package tour, tips for tourists

The cost of your trip when you buy the tour will consist of the price of air tickets, insurance, hotels, meals, excursions, transfers, operating costs, plus the cost of a visa. To the place of rest can be reached by regular flights or charter. The tour price will be lower if you select a charter, but their special feature is a floating schedule.

Looking through the price lists of your food, pay attention to abbreviations: FB-full board, HB - breakfast and lunch or dinner. In Mediterranean countries and Eastern Europe, convenient system HB, since there are many inexpensive restaurants, cafes and tavernas.
All inclusive - it's round the clock food and beverage consumption of local production. The cost of the same tour depends on the season. The most expensive time to rest on the sea this August, it is the time most tourists in the resorts. Yes, and vacation for many of our citizens is limited to school holidays or student. But a lot of money can be saved by postponing the vacation for "velvet" season. "
Reduce the cost of travel can be relaxing outside the "peak date". Tour operators that specialize in summer beach holidays, begin to increase the cost of rounds during the May holidays, and prices for tours during this period is sometimes even higher than in August. But after May 10 prices again falling sharply in the second half of May and June, the demand for tours is still small. You can get all sorts of "specials" (usually discount hotel accommodation).
From late June to late August comes the highest peak of the season, the prices of tours are at their peak, and then a new recession. Recently, however, more and more of our tourists during the autumn "velvet season", so until the end of September turputevku demand is high enough.
November holidays and autumn school holidays cause a momentary increase in the activity of tourists.
Inexpensive can relax since mid-November to mid December, then begin a European Christmas holiday, which goes into the New Year, Christmas holidays, and prices are increasing. Only since mid-January over a period of "specials"
You can save money and acquire a so-called "Last Minute". Prices for these tours below. In this case, the risk of being cheated there, but because the big chains that offer a "last minute" trips, can choose the most reliable tour operator and does not work with the causes mistrust.
Most advantageous offer, and respectively, and the lowest price of the tour, you can get if you're ready to take off on vacation the next day, but this only applies to visa-free areas.

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