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Friday, March 18, 2011

Proper treatment lactostasis

Lactostasis - a fairly common problem faced by the majority of lactating women. Lactostasis a stagnant processes in the mammary gland, resulting from blockage of milk ducts.

It is very important to immediately recognize the disease and begin treatment immediately lactostasis. If the breast has increased, there was a seal in the tissues, tenderness to the touch, sharp fever, means - it's time to sound the alarm. Early treatment lactostasis help to avoid dangerous complications and maintain breastfeeding.
The main causes of lactostasis:

* Poor attachment of the newborn to the breast;
* Unusual attachment to the breast, breast-feeding on the regime;
* A small lumen ducts;
* Wont sleep lying on his stomach;
* Cracked nipples and related difficulties in breast-feeding;
* Spasms and narrowing of the ducts arising from hypothermia, excessive physical exertion, fatigue and stress;
* Trauma and bruising of the breast;
* Wearing a close personal laundry;
* Failure to breastfeed;
* Large size of the breast and associated irregular emptying of all departments of the breast.
Treatment lactostasis
As a rule, with the formation of stagnant processes in the mammary gland of women often face in the first months after birth. It was during this period is coming of lactation, when milk is produced more than a baby needs.
The first thing you need to do a young mother, to avoid lactostasis - to ensure good attachment to the baby's chest. If the newborn child receives breast milk on demand, the treatment lactostasis can limit the hourly feedings. In severe cases, you can add some pumping per day. Just do not express immediately after feeding, or body "decides" that the child does not have enough milk and will make it even harder.
Before each feeding to gently massage the breast and attach to the areola warm lotion. These manipulations will help to expand the channels and improve the flow of milk. To slightly reduce swelling and calm the disturbed chest, you can temporarily attach to it the ice.
Effective treatment lactostasis provide warming wraps. After complete emptying of the breast by hand or by breast pump, you need to attach to the sore spot with a soft cotton cloth with the honey ointment Wisniewski, vaseline or camphor oil, and top cover with plastic wrap and secure with a bandage or wrap a scarf. Wearing a bandage may be no more than seven hours.
Treatment lactostasis involves measures to improve the outflow of milk. This may help cushion for nursing, which allows you to take a comfortable posture, relieve tension from the arms and back.
Lactating women should carefully monitor their drinking schedule. In the first two weeks after giving birth should not be used more than one liter of fluid per day.Lactostasis - a direct way to mastitis
Need to understand that lactostasis - is not just some discomfort. In the absence of timely and appropriate treatment it can lead to inflammation of the breast - mastitis.
For uninfected mastitis is characterized by the same characteristics as that for lactostasis, but in a more acute form. The disease is accompanied by high fever (above 38 C) and very severe pains in his chest.
If treatment lactostasis did not give positive results and improvements on the second day was not followed, the woman should immediately seek medical help, because in this case there is a real threat of an infected mastitis. Physio-mammologist appoint the best course of treatment of mastitis, which will continue the natural breastfeeding.
It is always easier to prevent disease development than a pound of cure. The best and simple prevention lactostasis - breast-feeding on demand.

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