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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to make money, and relax in Australia

Thanks to a special offer to work in Australia, a lot of hikers come here each year: after three months of work in rural areas, workers can extend the visa to go on a journey through the most picturesque places.

While you're in Australia, visit the following strange, little-known backwoods, and try their hand at different professions would be extremely interesting.Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley, South Australia

In less than an hour's drive from Adelaide, you will find a cozy, surrounded by hills area, where hundreds of wineries are looking for manpower during the harvest.
After working for a good half day, you can take a tour of the Barossa Valley, throughout which there are more than 70 wine shops that are open to the public. Boasting the world for its wines Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon and Chardonnay, the region produces such well known brands such as Jacobs Creek, Penfolds, Yalumba.
When: vintage basically starts in February and ends in May, but the care, treatment and pruning vines is carried out throughout the year. Another seasonal work may be a collection of cherry, which takes place from November to December, and citrus fruits - from May to July. The Australian Government provides online guide to seasonal work and free information on the phone.Snowy Mountains, New South Wales

Snow-capped mountains and the temperature is below zero is not quite right associated with traveling or working in Australia, but the name "Snowy", or the Snowy Mountains, where the highest point in the country and the charming alpine nature, will surely attract your attention. Affectionately called the mountain "Snowy" is simply crowded with people during the ski season. Working at one of the winter resorts, you can not only see the other (colder) part of Australia but spend their free time skiing with tourists in the mountains or the nearby Kosciuszko National Park.
When: Ski season lasts from mid June to early October, the documents are accepted in March and April. Perisher and Thredbo resorts hire a staff and qualified instructors in Alpine skiing. For all positions there is great demand, so prepare thoroughly for the interview and do not forget to update your resume.Queensland

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef or surfing on the Gold Coast may be the most attractive species pastime for many tourists visiting Queensland, but not for indigenous Australians! Most of the inhabitants of this country prefer to go to meet the adventure in the outback: the most popular activities include local racing camels in Borneo, horseback riding in a wilderness inhabited by kangaroos and aborigines, or the real rodeo.
To work on a cattle farm, horse ranch or sheep fishery is necessary to have special skills and knowledge. However, you can work on a volunteer basis through organizations such as Help Xchange or WWOOF, which allow you to work not for money but in exchange for food and shelter. Volunteers generally work 3-5 hours a day and live with local families, which undoubtedly plays a big role in trying to plunge into the strange life of a province.
When: The work proposed for the entire year, but we advise to review the information about the families that offer housing for employees, before going into place. Because you have to work outdoors and the sun can burn just unbearable, the things essential to be a hat, cotton shirt with long sleeves and protective sunscreen.Katherine, Northern Territory

Often does not cause the interest of tourists, northern Australia is a vast open space, unbearably scorching sun and another vital Aboriginal culture. Here you can find plenty of places to work, especially if you possess knowledge in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture (eg, ability to drive a tractor or operate a lift). For those who are just beginning to learn the craft of this type, harvesting mangoes, which required over 2000 employees, will be the safest option. Both regions, Darwin and Katherine, are the main stronghold for the production of outlandish fruit.
In addition, the biggest attraction of this part of the Northern Territory of Australia are Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park, known for their myriad of crocodiles.
When: mango harvest is carried out from September to November and lasts about 4-8 weeks. One drawback, however, may be allergic to the juice of the mango tree, so we recommend always wearing gloves and closed clothing to avoid contact with caustic juice on your skin.Hunter Valley, New South Wales

A few hours north of Sydney is Hunter Valley, which will serve as a great place for those who want to escape from the city. As one of the great wine regions of the country, Hunter Valley offers plenty of opportunities to earn during the harvest and enjoy hundreds of types of cheeses and wines. In addition, this region is known for its fine restaurants, scenic open spaces, hiking, canoeing on the river Hunter, and even flying in a balloon.
When: grape harvest runs from January to March. For those who want to extend my visa and stay for the second year, Hunter Valley, like other regions surrounding Sydney, can not serve as a place of work.Tasmania

The most attractive in Tasmania - its small size and huge variety of natural resources. Lovers of outdoor activities like enjoying a view of the terrain with mountains of Wellington, to explore the remains of the famous fortress of Port Arthur, diving on the coast of Flinders Island, or go to conquer the famous route of the Overland Track, which is 6 days journey from the cradle to the mountains of Lake St. Claire.
When: The work is mainly offered from November to May, although many hostels remain open for a longer time.

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