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Saturday, May 28, 2011

L.A. Noire recreates past

Advertisement detective ekshena LA Noire continue to share stories about how they created the game.

Building a virtual Los Angeles in 1947 began with the scanning of administrative maps of 1930 to determine the boundaries of city, and the location of residential and industrial areas. Imposed from above topographic map of the U.S. Geological Survey, which is defined by the relief of the city.
Then began to study the collections of photographs by Robert Spence, who commissioned the rich flew his biplane over the city and rented property. But apart from the ordered species mansion, the film has got, and more: "Honestly, it was even better than satellite photography. In his photographs, we noted a lively place and quiet streets. How many cars were on the road. Angle of incidence at different times of the day. Even the trams "- recalls the designer Team Bondi Simon Wood.
After that, the developers turned to the study of normal, "ground" pictures: "One picture diner can tell you very much: what were people at that time, as if coffee were served. What are the specialties were in those days. If the counter at 18 feet long, then you can estimate the size of the entire premises. Any typical landscape of those times tell you more than a thousand words. We used 180 000 images, "- said an employee of the studio.
With great zeal, they tried to find the unique marks of the time: learn the old methods of interrogation, the police examined clothing. It turns out that modern humans in 60 years grew to such an extent that an adult costume of the time would come up except that the 15-year-old. And the presence in the title word "noir" (French word meaning "black") is not accidental. Able to plants producing chemicals, and ash from burned trash literally choked the city, submerging its streets in a poisonous fog. All this is reflected in the game.

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