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Friday, May 13, 2011

Reinvent the wheel?

Michelin company never ceases to amaze us with their latest developments. At this time, the French genius put away into the most conventional in size wheel disc brakes, active suspension and even the drive motor.

When using such wheels in front of designers open vast vistas for creativity, since the car equipment Michelin Active Wheel is no longer a need to use the gearbox, clutch, transmission, shock absorbers. Why? Yes, because all of this is directly in the wheel! Michelin Active Wheel suitable for installation on virtually any body of the car, which can only invent the designers and constructors. A fuel cell generator, or batteries may be a source of energy.

Michelin Active Wheel improve the dynamic characteristics of the car, because with the wheels now have no problems in carrying out their separate management. Improved response elektropodveski - speed of reaction to changing conditions is now just three thousandths of a second. Based on the wheels Michelin Active Wheel is presented several original concepts - electric car based on the Lifan 520, four-wheel drive sports Venturi Volage.

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