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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sheathing radiators

Paneling is a decorative design radiator. Because it degrades heat radiators, it is already in the calculation of the central heating system should take into account a decrease of heat transfer panels with sheathing.

From the shell you want, on the one hand, to make it as much as possible closed pipes, and on the other minimally impeded air circulation. Not to close the entire area from floor to window sill, the distance between the floor and sheathing shall be not less than 8 cm, and from the sill to the skin - 8-10 cm
Sheathing fastened in various ways: nail on the legs to the floor, attach the anchors on the sides of the clutch or hang directly on the battery. The latter - a very simple way, as the lining can be removed for repair, cleaning and battery, etc. As the suspended device use steel strips of 4 × 20 mm, attached perpendicularly to the frame (between the units of the battery and cladding).
In the manufacture of facing the shield must not be forgotten that there should be openings for natural ventilation (Fig. 1).

Free-standing battery usually close tungsten design, with both sides strengthened with anchors in the treasure. The upper lid skin should be made of material which will not harm the constant stream of warm air.
Fig. 1. Facing Battery
If the sheathing of wooden or fibreboard, the cap should be covered from the inside panel of asbestos or asbestos. As a cover for covering the free-standing battery can be used terratstsevuyu or marble slab or concrete slab with mosaic lining. The upper part of the cladding should be removable (for cleaning batteries.)

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