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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Travelogues that can change your life

Among the variety of existing films, unfortunately, only a few can be called successful and truly spectacular travelogue. Movies that can change people's lives, give impetus to the attainment of a new consciousness and new values ​​are very small.

Lovers' tourism on the couch "to be extremely careful when watching these movies - there's a chance that after seeing, you will want to collect the bag and buy a one way ticket to Nepal, Indonesia or South America ...
The film "Into the Wild"

What would happen if people abandon all common values ​​of society? Just throw the blessings of civilization and all attachments to society, and will move in search of real freedom?

To these questions seeks to answer a very powerful film Sean Penn's Into the Wild. "The movie shows the final part of American guy, who had gone into a long journey in search of true freedom. Rejecting all the values ​​of our society, man overcomes many obstacles, make new friends, struggles with loneliness, to the end to make sure that the price of absolute freedom - his own life ...

The film "The Beach"

The hero of the movie "The Beach" is trying to find paradise in a particular place secluded from civilization. The life of a hippie commune on the beautiful island of Thailand turns his life and helps to reconsider all their values​​. Despite the bad ending, this film gave a strong impetus for the independent tourist to Thailand, and the island of Phi Phi, where the film "The Beach" became a symbol Travel to Paradise.

The film "Eat, Pray, Love"

The film that no matter how far you have not left the country on my own to go is impossible. Travel helps us look at his past life detached and objective manner. For many women, this movie was this instruction to rectify their personal lives. The travelers in the style of "Eat, Pray, Love" flocked to India and Southeast Asia, hoping to find myself again ...

The film "Seven Years in Tibet"

In my film "Seven Years in Tibet" - the most powerful of all films about travel. Alternate randomly delayed journey German climbers in Tibet for seven years. Stay away from the traditional civilization gave the protagonist a chance to reconsider his life, his attitude and gain peace of mind. With the release of this film Tibet became a desirable world for travelers seeking the path to enlightenment.

The film "Aztec Sun"

Sometimes, to appreciate that your happiness is very close, it is necessary, rejecting a routine habit, "cross the mountains and the sea, to overcome the dangers and hardships ...». Optimistic German film "Aztec Sun" makes us appreciate what you have and from time to time to change something in life, at least during the trip.

Want to travel? Then start at least with movies.

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