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Thursday, June 2, 2011

All of the bites

To playgrounds and other places your child studies were joyous and fun to take care of his safety. On the walk is important to be alert and attentive to the dogs, insects and snakes when walking in the woods.

Their bites cause the skin kids red pimples, hardening combing. The sting can be lubricated with iodine, Zelenko, or special soothing ointment.Faces mites
Their bites are not dangerous, but cause severe itching. Initially treated with vinegar, and then lubricate Zelenkov or iodine, to avoid getting infections.Tongs
These parasites are very small, they dig into the skin in the woods, among the bushes. As soon as possible to get rid of mites. To do this, use vegetable oil - poured into the wound for several minutes and remove with tweezers.
If the removed tick gray and flat - it is necessary to process the wound with iodine or Zelenko, pre-washing with soap and water. During the day, should observe the lymph nodes above the bite. If, however, dragged the parasite was red bunting blood after treatment with the wound must be urgently see a doctor.Wasps, bees
In a single bite of trouble, most likely will not occur. As an aid to impose a cold compress - this will slow the spread of venom, to help reduce pain and swelling. Then treated with iodine or Zelenkov. In such cases, you must have your allergy medications.
If the bite appears severe swelling, a child complains of feeling unwell, perhaps there was an allergic reaction to insect venom. It usually manifests itself in the first few minutes: nausea, labored breathing, izmeyaetsya complexion - pale or red.It is important
If the swollen face, eyelids, mouth - can angioedema - an urgent need to call an ambulance. Contacting the doctor is necessary and in that case, if the attack were the lips or mouth of the child. To reduce inflammation, give a drink of cold water or suck on ice.Dogs
If communication with the four-legged friend was over the bite, you should wash the wound with soap and water, wash off the saliva and the possible germs. Then be treated with antiseptic and stop the bleeding - holding a sterile pad. For large or bleeding wound, seek medical attention.
Within two days after the bite should contact travmopunkt. A doctor can prescribe treatment and prevention of antibiotic. If the dogs attack was homeless, can be assigned to vaccination against rabies.Snakes
Snake venom begins to have effect after a few minutes after the bite. Redness and swelling on the skin blisters appear, it becomes purple. The child has a fever, a headache.
The first thing you must call the doctor put the baby to prevent the spread of venom through the body.
You can remove poison, sucking it out of the wound and spitting. But! The mouth should not be damaged. Then wash the wound with a solution of potassium permanganate and treat iodine or Zelenko, give paracetamol and antihistamine.It is important
Do not burn and does not constrict the bite.

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