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Thursday, July 5, 2012

6 so that it is not necessary to discuss on a first date

The first meeting, at which girls are so carefully collected - usually some kind of check for compatibility. Rendezvous for some - a very intense event. Our task - to make it more relaxed. Therefore, better to avoid those that may cause controversy partner.

During the period of financial instability in a person with whom you meet, the situation at work may not be as rosy to Twitter about her joy in the evening. If the interviewee does not speak on this topic, it is better not to start and you.Finance
Interest income impolite. Of course, rarely addressed directly to ask such questions. The trouble is, that even completely innocent questions in the spirit of "where do you work?" Or "where the last vacation?" Can be defined in such a way that will cause suspicion and tension. Learn thin conducting interviews, and if you do not know how - it is better not start such a conversation.Past relationships
It would seem that a certain rule. And yet, there are those who violate it. On the past relations should be mentioned only if they have some relevance to the present. Usually - if you have something to explain, but in any case does not go into details at this. If the person with whom you meet asks you questions about this aspect of your life, let's take the best possible general answers. To clarify details will be time - but not now."Bad character"
Do not talk about the negative traits of your character. Most single people consider it their duty on the first date to list all the negative qualities (though usually - in a joking manner). Usually it comes from fear - a partner in the future was not disappointed. Remember - you're on a date, that is a pleasant meeting, and not on the exam due to personal characteristics."What a terrible day"
Perhaps the day was really disgusting: you're late for work, quarreled with his girlfriend and lost wallet. But in the evening you have planned to date, and seems to be logical that you'll talk about what happened to his partner. It's as if ready topic for conversation. But this is a mistake. Do not put yourself in a situation where you have to complain about bad luck and the vicissitudes of life to your new friend.Family Life
Do not describe details of the lives of your family. It is believed that this is the least favorable topic for a first date. If only because a third party person is simply not interested. He is interested in you, and yet the least - your relatives.

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