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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hainan Island is often called the "Oriental Hawaii" due to its location on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands. The island is washed by the South China Sea, 300 days a year is a clear sunny weather. The amount of rainfall per year - 1500 mm. Xaynan - the second largest (after Taiwan) in China and the only island with a tropical climate. The island Xaynan clean and healthy air. By the way, Nanshan Park, located on the island - this is the only place in the world, meeting international environmental standards - ISO 14000.

The average annual temperature is + 24 ° C water - + 26 ° C. The average temperature on the island of Hainan in January - about +22 ° C. The hottest months - July and August, when the average temperature reaches 29 ° C heat, so try to avoid visiting the island in the middle of summer. Golden Season in Hainan - from November to May. The region is traditionally considered a "typhoon corridor ', so the island - a paradise for windsurfers.

Their most comfortable way to travel in the city. They were watching tourists from all the hotels, they can be caught on the street or called by telephone. At the entrance to the hotel doormen on duty passed the tourist voucher with a number inscribed taxi - just in case he forgets something in the car. Rates in different companies vary substantially, depending on the type of vehicle. The average is 12.10 yuan for the first 4 km and 1-2 yuan for each additional. At night, the fare may be higher. It is usually written in large attached to the windshield or the rear right door glass paper. The taxi driver takes money strictly on the counter and putting back in full, and on-demand client, he is obliged to issue a check for the amount paid (in each machine is equipped with a cash register). Catch the "private traders" in China can not be a private carting banned as a phenomenon.
Approximate rate of 1.6 yuan per km (minimum of 7 yuan per landing). Driving directions from Phoenix airport to the city center (20 km) will cost about 45 yuan, to the Gulf of Yalong - 80 yuan. It should be borne in mind that outside of the settlement, which is attributed to a given taxi fare increases to 2.7 yuan per km. Therefore, when traveling long distances it is advisable to bargain and negotiate a fixed amount, especially if you want to go back to the same machine. So, the trip from Sanya to Haikou and back will cost 600 yuan, which is much cheaper than over the counter.Trishaw
In the city there is an exotic vehicle, as the trishaw - taking advantage of its services, you can learn more about the city. Moving on trishaw - not a cheap, the price should agree in advance. You can also use conventional rickshaws. The fare on regular and trishaw depends on the weight of passengers and distance. In addition, most hotels provide bike rental service.

Train travel
In 2003 was put into operation the first railway line connecting Hainan with Guangdong province. The journey takes 15 hours. The train follows along the eastern slopes of the island, then goes to the ferry and 30 miles to sail on the ferry. In three days off the train.
Urban transport

In the city of Sanya two buses routes: 2 and 4. The distance between the stops 500 meters

There are also several routes mikroavtobuslv from Sanya City to the Bay Dragon of Asia, to the park, "Edge of the World" and to Nanshan Temple.

Bus station for coaches is on Jiefang Avenue. The bus to the city of Haikou departs every 20 minutes. Hours bus: 7.00 - 23.00.
Rent a car

Rent a car in Hainan, as well as throughout China, is possible only with the driver.
What to see in Sanya

What to see in SanyaPark, "The Edge of Light"
Located at 23 km. to the west of Sanya City on the coast. Landscape is unusually beautiful. On a sandy beach, towering blocks of stone shapes. Here is the "stone that supports the sky," "Stone broken heart ',' Stone - The Asylum bachelor," "Labyrinth for lovers." Picture of "Stone of wealth" can be seen at 2 yuan banknotes. On one of the giant stones (10 meters in height) you will see an inscription that here is the extreme south of China - "The Edge of the World".The Oceanarium
In the marine zoo you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the life of 200 species of exotic fish and other denizens of the deep sea, to see the representation of trained parrots, sea lions show and the show of crocodiles. If desired, you can feed a live chicken and a crocodile to be photographed with him arm in arm, receiving a hefty dose of adrenaline. The park at the aquarium a unique collection of exotic birds from all over the South China. You will have the unique opportunity to take a picture with a 600-year-old sea turtles, as well as a ride on an ostrich.Monkey Island
Located at 80 km. from the city of Sanya, an area of ​​approximately 1,000 hectares. On the island is home to over 2,100 monkeys, it Kwangsi macaque (Macaca mulatta). Leaped through the Strait of lift. From the cable car cabin with a bird's-eye view you can see the Strait of open sea, a unique settlement of the "sea people". In addition to exploring the wild monkeys you look at the monkey circus. On the way back you should definitely look into the restaurant "on water" and enjoy a variety of seafood there. Tour will bring pleasure to both children and adults. You certainly will take away with them a lot of interesting shots from the fun and mischievous monkeys.Nanshan Buddhist Centre
Asia's largest Buddhist center in Nanshan district of the same name of the International Tourism, located 40 km away. to the west of Sanya, at the foot of Nanshan (South Mountain). The area of ​​50 square meters. miles. Center opened in 1997. It restored the ancient Buddhist temple and laid a huge landscaped park. In the near future, man-made island connected to shore with a thin neck, completed the construction of the temple of the Goddess of Mercy - Kuan Yin, the colossal towers of the church (108 m) bronze statue of the Goddess.
In a separate pavilion in the park is carefully stored the world's largest gold statue of the goddess Guanyin weighing 140 kg. It is decorated with precious stones, and stands on a pedestal in a lotus flower made of white precious jade. This statue is not only included in the Guinness Book of Records, but at the same time is the great Buddhist shrine: there are particles of dust of the Buddha. The statue is made of gold, jade, pearls and other precious stones. On the creation of the statue took 100 kg of gold.

Botanical garden of tropical plants
Located near the thermal sources of radon, "Xinglong." This is one of the largest botanical garden of tropical plants in C
hina. The area of ​​32 ha., Founded in 1957 It has more than 1,000 different species of exotic plants and the scientific work carried out by their study. The magnificent natural park where you can see the diverse world of tropical flora and fauna. A good opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and traditions, rituals and cuisine of countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India and other countries.
The program includes visits to the Garden of Asian traditions Xing Long. The architecture of the garden is made naturally in the traditional Asian style. Excursion to the Botanical Garden is an unforgettable experience for all who love nature, and the opportunity to taste different varieties of Hainan coffee that is grown under the tropical sun generous in ideal environmental conditions.Butterfly Museum
The museum-reserve is located 30 miles from the center of Sanya. It consists of two parts. The first is a museum, where a rich collection of butterflies and other insects of China, as well as the tropical countries of Asia, America and Africa. The second part of the museum - "Butterfly Garden" - is a small valley with a section of rainforest saved this, where a butterfly fluttering in freedom under a huge tent. It is in the "Butterfly Garden" live endemics, which cost at international auctions up to $ 20,000.Bird Park "Flying the world"
It is the largest park in China, tropical birds, 200 species of very beautiful, large and small, singing and speaking from the world of birds. Only here you can see the cock fights, and "put" on the ostrich in the ostrich races, to see an exciting show to feed the parrots and majestic peacocks.The Taoist temple complex Dong Tien
Located on a picturesque beach, 35 km west of Sanya Dong Tien temple complex consists of more than 800 years. This place is sacred to followers of all Chinese Taoism, one of the most respected religions of China. According to legend, contains the southern dragon - to Taoist beliefs of one of the four rulers of the world, and the followers of Taoism come here to worship the dragon and ask him for help in the church built in his honor. In addition to the Taoist temples and unique maritime landscape with bizarre conglomerations of boulders, you can see the endemic island of Hainan - "dragon" palm tree, whose age is more than 6000 years.

Zoo tigers and crocodiles
It's a new zoo in Sanya, he began work in April 2005. In this zoo home to more than 20,000 crocodiles and more than two hundred tigers, which were brought from Thailand to the city of Sanya. In the zoo you will present a circus tigers. And you can take pictures with the tiger cub and a small crocodile in the memory. This tour will especially enjoy the children.Museum of pearls with a pearl plantation
The museum is open by the Chinese "Tszinzhun", the largest in China in the field of mining and processing of pearls. You will visit the pearl of this plantation, as well as in the museum, which will learn about the technologies of cultivation and production of pearls will be able to see rare species of pearls. Pearls - a pride and a symbol of Hainan. Along with betel, tropical fruits and tea since ancient times it was imported to the continent, and even supplied the imperial court. To date, Hainan is a leader in China for production and export of high quality pearls - South China Sea, which washes Hainan, is a medium for the production of the best pearls in the world. If desired, you can buy anything: here a wide selection of products of pearls, precious and semiprecious stones, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals based on the pearl essence.Crystal Museum
This rich collection of crystal and other semi-precious stones. In the museum you will learn a lot about crystal and its varieties, the history of mining, processing technologies and will be able to buy something from a variety of jewelry and gift items made from different types of crystal - white, yellow, green ...Park, "Hart turned his head"
4 km from the city of Sanya is a park, "Hart turned his head" on the eponymous mountain. At the top of the mountain installed a stone sculpture depicting, according to the legend about the origin of the park, a deer, a guy and a girl, height 12 and width of 9 meters. Park, "Hart turned his head" - the best place to view the city at night.

Holidays in Sanya can be combined with shopping. The local shopping centers have a decent range of clothing for children and adults for democratic prices. Clothing for the most part - local production, it is made mostly from natural fabrics of good quality. Colors - "Hawaiian" is very bright, pleasing to the eye. Price - from 10 yuan.
In addition, in Sanya usually buy a variety of souvenirs, handicrafts, local delicacies and Chinese natural cosmetics. Thus, the range and quality of the products of pearls and crystal Sanya, certainly, has no equal in China.
Since Sanya - the seaside resort, souvenirs made of shells - the most popular. Here you can buy the shells of various shapes and shades.
As for the food, the tourists are often driven to a local coffee (he has a specific flavor of coconut), teas and wines. In addition, the tropical island of Hainan grow an amazing variety of fruits. If you take away fresh fruits home does not work, you can buy them dried counterparts.
Almost all the important shops are located near Sanya 4 streets Tszefanlu (Jiefang Road), located along the coast and in the central part of town. Streets 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (Yi, Er, San and Si) Tszefanlu go after each other and form a single trading block. In addition to the various outlets in the area you can find cafes, restaurants and fast foods for every taste - from McDonald's to chic and KFS expensive restaurants of various cuisines of the world. Here is most of the local tourist offices. The most famous shopping centers Sanya buses from the hotels. Their schedule is worth clarifying at the reception desk of your hotel.

Useful Tips
Remember that in Sanya bargaining is not just appropriate, but even encouraged. And this applies not only to private markets and shops where haggling, you can omit the price of two times. In large shops with fixed prices and bargaining is possible and necessary, but in a special way - ask for a discount.
If you want to buy a local shell, do not do it on the area of ​​Yalong, where most of these stores: prices are too high. Almost half the price of clams can be purchased in a tourist area Tanya Hayzyao.
Corals and whole shells of turtles do not need to buy, because out of the country can not be all too early - in Hainan is officially banned their sale.
National Chinese clothing in Sanya best buy on the market: it will come up 20-30 yuan. In places near the tourist attractions it is at times more expensive.
If you do not intend to make a purchase, do not stand for long at the counter - that you will give hope to the seller. Besides a couple of minutes a crowd will gather around you, the seller assistants, and get rid of them will be problematic.Shops Sanya

Supermarket "qan." One of the most popular supermarkets of the city, located just behind the bus station. There is a huge range of food and consumer goods.
Supermarket "Tyanchen." Large supermarket offering a wide selection of food, clothing and footwear, electronics, cosmetics, etc. It is located next to the bank «Everbright Bank».
Supermarket "Vanfulong." This supermarket offers a wide range of food, household goods, electronics. Situated opposite the bus station.
Shopping center "Mindzhu." A large shopping center in Sanya, on 7 floors of which you can find everything from local delicacies to expensive jewelry. On the top floor is the only movie theater in Sanya.
"The first market." The largest agricultural market in Sanya, on which, in addition to local residents, tourists love to walk. It is cheaper than other places, you can buy seafood, tea, vegetables, tropical fruits. The market is open daily during daylight hours.
Shopping Mall "Summer." This shopping center is very popular with tourists, you can buy branded stuff. On the first floor - offices hours, cosmetics, jewelry, perfume. Second floor - women's range, the third - male. The fourth floor is designated for sporting goods, on the fifth floor - supermarket, department of home appliances, bedding, etc.
Shopping center "Yifan". The huge five-story department store, an area which is 12 thousand sq.m. shops and boutiques (the first 4 floors) and entertainment center (5th floor).
Shopping center "Tyanhun." A large shopping center, the roof is collected, mostly shops of famous brands with high-quality expensive goods. Located directly opposite the bus station.
Duty Free. Duty free shop is located in Sanya, contrary to expectations, not at the airport and in town. It is located near the park, "Hart turned his head," the area in front Luhueytou. The shop you can buy any vending goods, but in the presence of air ticket and passport. This product will deliver to you the day of departure to the airport customs desk. We accept renminbi, the U.S. or Hong Kong dollars, yen and euro, as well as credit cards Visa, JCB, Master. The range of shops - Perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, leather goods, jewelry, watches.

Health insurance and health care
For visa medical insurance for a period of travel is required. Nevertheless, all the tourists traveling to the island, it is strongly recommended that registration of insurance. This is due to recreational activities and the possibility of injury. The policy does not provide for treatment of chronic diseases and dental care. It should also be borne in mind that no insurance company will not cover the cost of treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and diseases caused by alcohol narcotic poisoning. Medical services received in China, are paid in cash. On his return to Russia, tourist receives compensation from the insurance company upon presentation of accounts in accordance with the contract. In the event of an insured event, you must call the telephone numbers listed in the insurance and apply to the medical center hotel. After calling the doctor should immediately call the service center specified in the insurance policy and notify the insurance company about the use of medical services.

Where to call in an emergency

     Fire: 119.

     Police: 110.
     Ambulance: 120.
     Transport Police: 122.
     Customer complaints about the quality of products: 1 23 15.
     The service claims to pricing: 1 23 58.
     Customer complaints about the quality of service: 88 26 84 54.
     The service claims to food hygiene: 88 28 14 74.
     Help Center tourist services: 88 26 84 58.

Keep t
he bags in public places. Passports and tickets immediately put them in a safe at the hotel, on the street do not require passports. Do not wear in the city large sums of money. Deckchairs on the beach in most cases free of charge. Beware of scorching sun, can burn for 15-20 minutes. The best time to tan from 8 am to 11 am and from 16 - 19 pm. Sunblock is better to take with you (by a factor of at least 20 units) - on the island are sold only Chinese brand with whitening effect. Carefully check the surrender, come across fake bills 10 and 50 yuan - the edges should not be torn, another paper texture, the lumen of Mao is not similar to shown on the bill.
In case of conflict with police or in transport controllers say "Budun" (translated as "not understand"), and often helps you to fall behind, even if you did something wrong.
In the temples can not be photographed. You can, standing on the street, through the open door to try to remove the interior of the premises. But even if you shoot in the temple, the camera you will not be one tear. May simply be asked to leave. Photograph government agencies and strategic facilities (even bridges and dams) tour is not recommended.
In general, the city is safe. At one time there were many robbers on motorcycles, frustrate the bag. Then the authorities hanged in the streets signs saying that in such cases, you can kill the robbers, which suspended the robbery. In any case, the bag is nothing of value is better not to put in the city to stay away from the roadway.
The girl can go without the support of the people are friendly and it is unlikely that could happen. On the streets of many police officers, even at night, you can safely walk.
Not recommended for use on the street bought food and drink, eat and drink in the dubious care places outside the hotel. At the first opportunity to wash hands and thoroughly wash all fruits, bottled mineral water, regardless of where the fruit purchased. Bottled water used for drinking, not drinking tap water.
Going to the beach, you can not forget that this is a tropical coast, and bathing should be careful. As in any other warm seas, it is better to bathe in the sea only in special slippers.
A foreigner in China you should always carry a business card that says the hotel in Chinese, or a card with your data filled by any Chinese interpreter. It is necessary to show the locals that if a tourist lost in the maze of streets.
Russian passport is of great value for some Chinese, because there is a problem of illegal migration to Russia and further west. Losing your passport, immediately contact the Embassy or Consulate. In difficult cases, and do not hesitate to contact the Russian Embassy, ​​where the clock runs on duty.Personal first aid kit
All medicines that you use constantly at home, must be present in personal medicine cabinet. In addition, the required reserve you enjoy the confidence of drugs to facilitate and improve digestion. Remember that even the best hotels in European cuisine using local water, which can adversely affect your stomach.Where to Stay in Sanya
Neighborhood of the city built up a variety of hotels of different categories. In the bay, "Dragon of Asia" (Yalong), 25 km away. from the city, are the most fashionable hotels 5 star, such as Crowne Plaza Sanya, Mangrove Tree Resort, Sheraton Resort, Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa, Resort Horizon, and others.
In Dadonghai Bay, located 3 km away. from the city center, you can stay in hotels such as the Pearl River Garden Hotel 4 *, Resort InTime 5 *, Shanhaitian5 * and others. In the Bay of Sanya, the most close to the city, there are different categories like hotels and hostels and cheap guesthouse. For information on hotels in the city of Sanya and the list you can look at our section "Hotel Sanya."


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